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Dear Producer,

This secret is the reason I got over 150 Major Television placements (The Tyra show, Extra, etc...), Music clients around the world, and have sold beats in my sleep.

This same secret is the reason the Neptunes shot to the top and are worth a reported $155 million.

The same secret that turned an internet producer into one of the hottest young producers in the game right now.

Very few producers know this secret and in a few moments you will be one of the RARE few who were lucky enough to discover this information.

First if you can, answer this quick question...

Have you ever wondered why some producers shoot right to the top while others seem to inch along in your music production career.

I'm talking about medicore beat-makers who get major placements, kill internet beat sales, make money in their sleep, sleep with the hottest women, build awesome home studios, and live the life YOU dream about.

After years of RELENTLESSLY trying to find out what seperates these producers from the rest I finally discovered the close-guarded secret

I know you have a passion for music production.  I mean a BURNING DESIRE to be a successful music producer.  You aren't one of these "wanna-be" beat-makers who is doing what's cool for the moment.

You often find yourself missing sleep (even meals sometimes) because you're too busy laying the finishing touches on another banger.  

Ahhhh... Isn't that the best feeling in the world?

There is nothing better than putting the finishing touches on a banger.  You know what I'm talking about.  

When you dance around for the room for an hour with the beat on repeat...  That's what life is all about man.

Too bad most people will never know what that feels like.  That's a major reason why they don't understand you.  

In fact most people think it's a little wierd that you spend all that time by yourself banging out beats.

Little do they know the success you always dream about is right around the corner... NO BS!

I'm about to reveal  the secret that changed my life  forever...  And  it will change yours.

It seems like  yesterday I opened the box to my brand new motif .  It was a dream come true.  I felt like I was finally a real producer.

All I could think about was who I was going to thank when my name was called for the producer of the year award.

I can't explain it, but deep down inside I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life.

My parents always told me nothing comes without hardwork.  So  thats what I did.

I stayed up every night making beat, after beat, after beat, after beat.  I was determined.  I was going to be ready to answer when opportunity came knocking.

Days turned into years, and that knock never came.  I couldn't figure it out.  I was doing everything I thought would make me a successful producer.  

I can still remember the horrible feeling at the pit of my stomach.  I was damn near in tears...

I made tons of beats, I contacted the right people, I networked, etc... And nothing...  

All I kept hearing was how foolish I was to think I could make it as a producer.  To be honest I was just about ready to call it quits...

What happened next was a miracle.

I ran into a local music production legend who gave me "The Secret".  

This secret was passed down to him directly from none other than "Dr Dre"...  

After using "the secret" I got over 100 television placements as well as music clients around the globe.  

It's amazing how one little piece of knowledge can transform your entire life.  

I know most producers would never in a million years share this, but I'm a strong believer in karma.  

I got the game and I'm going to give it to you.

So what's this big "secret"?

Here Is The Secret That Changed
My Entire Life

What do Dr. Dre, Neptunes, Timbaland, Polow da Don, JD,  and Lil Jon have and common?(Besides the massive hits,  millions of dollars, beautiful women, and awesome studios.)


Each one of them have distinctive drums that flat out BANG!

Think about it for a sec...

Lil jon made hits with simple 3 note melodies...

 The Neptunes made one of the biggest hip hop hits without using a single instrument..

That's because hard hitting drums are all that matters.

I've seen producers who can't make a hot melody to save their life, but make a killing.  All because their drums KNOCK.

On the other hand I've seen producers who were nasty on the keys barely scrape by.
All because their drums SUCK

Now you know the secret... BUT...

There Is Just
One Small Problem

You know how important banging drums are...

But where do you get banging drums from?  

I know you don't want to blow 30 GRAND at an engineering college just to learn how to get your drums to thump.

And you've probably  wasted your hard earned money on those low budget recycled kits that every producer on the internet has.

The worst are those kits named after major producers that they themselves would NEVER use in a billion years.

So where are you going to get drums that seriously knock?

It's no secret  producers guard their drum sounds like top secret CIA files... And rightfully so.  After seeing how critical they are I don't blame them.

But don't worry:

You Are About To Get Over 200 Of The Most
Skull Bashing Hit Making
Trunk Rattlin Club Stomping
Beat Down Yo Block Drum Samples
This World Has Ever Seen

Traumah Drums Proudly Presents:

Here is what's inside the First Aid Kit:
  • 50 Monsterous KING KONG kicks
  • 50 Crispy cracking bone crunching snares
  • 50 Crazy ear-capturing  percussion sounds
  • 50 Ridiculously Hot Hi Hats
  • Every single sound is GUARANTEED exclusive (No recycled drums)

Here are just a few immediate benefits:
  • Snatch the Attention of AnR's and Major Artists, which will significantly increase your chances at a major placement or major deal
  • Instantly make hotter beats...  Crush the competition by simply making beats that hit harder and thump more
  • Increase beat sales... which means more money to buy new euqipment, travel, take vacations, and even quit your job.
  • No more beat blocks...  Stay creative and keep making new beats for artists to keep buying (Which means you can keep buying new sh*t)
  • Stand out from the crowd... This will skyrocket you to the top of the music production industry
  • Create radio ready beats... This is where you are going to make the big money.  Imagine how good it will feel when you get to tell all the doubters "I told you sucka!"...
  • Save tons of $$$  - No more spending money on wack ass recycled kits, which means more money to spend on what you love.
  • Save countless hours - No more WASTING HOURS going thru thousands of drums just to find a few decent hits.
  • Much MUCH more...

What Do Other Producers Say
About Traumah Drums?

Message From Legendary Producer Battle Cat Endorsing Traumah Drums

Saint Joe of Endorsing Traumah Drums

Im from the UK and I have just started producing. I purchased
the traumah armory kit about a week or so ago (absolutely loving the kit!). Just wanna say i love what you guys are doing.

You've really helped me understand the importance of the drums in a track, as up til i bought traumahs drums i was using the drums from the motif and always wondered why they werent knocking, and thought it was just because i wasnt a good producer! so a big thank you man!"   - Pino

Yo Tramah, all I have to say is straight Crack. These kits are phenomenal. Thanks again Bro. - Bex

What up big homie just wanna say thanks for your contribution to the production community an I love your drums man! I got mad drums bro all kinds of libraries and normally I have to blow my shits up in wavelab with waves rbass to get that bottom and stack my shit like crazy to get that knock but now I just load up my drums using your kits. I still stack a lil and change the pitch here an there cause I know your library will soon be on every producers tracks.

But best believe you have done most of the work for me so I don't have scuplt my sounds no more unless I chose to but with your kit I don't have to anymore. Sorry for the long ass post but thanks my dude. When I get paid I will cop another library off you but I need some big shit like the first one I bought that had 250 sounds I don't give a fuck about the doe -alex larkin

Traumah, As I told you I can't send you beats cause I don't make a lot BUT I purchase all your kits. Even if I resample other classic 808 kits trough my sampler and make them hard I always find something interesting in your kits. For exemples now all my snares are layered with 1 or 2 of your snares.

One of the greatest thank I can give to you is the fact that I played 3 beats made with your kits to Big Hip Hop artists in France (over 1 millions copies sold) and they took all the 3 beats. The tracks are finished and they are crazy. maybe 1 is a single. But I'm talking too much right now. I used to make hot beats that the artists loved before using your drums but now I see that poeple go crazy when they hear my beats. So now when I do hip hop or pop tracks or any knid of music one of my first move is to search in your kits if I find something good.

Anyway, don't stop making hot kits and be creative. I started to make some kits too but just for myself cauz I don't want to do this all the day. So Keep bringing us the power of drums - Martin aka DJ CORI

Thanks my G. Everything good with that kit. I already started using the drums. This cuts my production time  which in turns increases my creative time which equals a quicker way for me to put out that heat. Thanks -KasH Beatz

Just copped the Armory Kit, shit is fire bro. I especially like the tight kicks and the percussion sounds. The snares are bangin as usual I think thats the strongest part of your drum kits, the west coast really knows how to make that shit bang. Thanks for adding hi hats too. One thing I would like is more kicks with a long decay like the villyn808 kick. The exclusivity is dope too, these sounds are inspiring. They really changed my sound for the better, I load them onto my MPC1000 and they sound crazy. Keep 'em common.  -Dee-Rek

ayo…ya samples have really helped my production of various songs. all the rappers i work with are impressed w/ the sound quality. i just wanted to say thanks bruhh. -Trayn Scanz

Yo Traumah just wanna say..the first thing they noticed about the track was the Drums.  The beat is Very simple..but the drums made the track...Song was done for SKIN CLOTHING PA.  For the DUB show in Ocean CIty,Md this weekend..I keep telling my fellow producers get those Traumah Drums. -Will "The BeatMogul"

Yo man those drums helped me step my beat game up 2 notches, I like the way they sound generally, I live in the dirty south, ATL and all I hear is 808 music and its gettin played out. Keep up the good work fam, check me out at ( )  -Mike G Beatz

Traumahs drum kit has provided my drum sound with that punch and snap I've been missing! Not to mention the extra percusive sounds..Straight Heat...Bout to step my drum game up with this kit! - Ito


This beat right here I had used a kick from the Traumah drums. I own both kits, and I’m a drummer which you will noticed I put in my own drums as well. That I played on my drum set. I purchased these drums because they where put together very nicely! It’s going to save you alot of time using these drums sounds.! -Indepth jay

Watup Traumah, just got that Traumah drum library and bionic kit…drums are all dope, no doubt, got about 10 beats in the making, its hard cos the drums so fat they make the instruments sound weak, but heres a beat I made using kicks n snares from your free drumkits -Tahi

I’ve increased my beat output since I first started getting the drums. The Truamah sounds are so unique and bangin, the beats litteraly make themselves. My whole sound changed with the free kits(became more intense) and when I added the militia kit, ideas and inspiration are endless. Can’t wait to get the rest of the Traumah library. -DJbChill

Just so you know, I am not really a hip-hop producer but I did have an opportunity to produce beats for some music supervisors in tv and film… Using sounds from the Infantry Kit helped step my beat game up to get forwarded to 20 music supervisors for cable tv shows. now I get to wait for my ASCAP checks…  -Thom Adams

I’ve been producing music for about 7 years. Within the past year, I ran across traumah while checking out another producer, postman. Throughout my 7 years, I have NEVER run across a drum library that even comes close to the strength, texture, and quality that traumah’s drums bring to the table. His drums literally increased my beat sales. When I began to post beats online @ my website using traumah’s drums I saw increases from 200-300 to 1000s of plays & page hits in the 300s per day. More traffic =more beats sales. If you haven’t used these drums yet, you are literally cutting into your profits. I cosign his drums without question.  -ZeeOfAfb

So How Much Is All

This Going To Cost Me?

I know you're probable thinking all this is going to cost you a fortune.  I could easily sell this at $600 a pop and sell all day everyday.  But honestly I want to make this affordable without breaking the bank.

Imagine how much money you are going to make with these kits.  Producers have already reported increased beat sales, some even getting major TV placements.  How much is that worth to you?

So what I'm going to do is for just a limited time I'm going to give all of these great packages for a small investment of only
297  $197.
Lets be real. You can't even buy a pair of jordans for that price.  

So why not  invest in something that will assist you in creating the life you deserve?

And I'm not done...

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